Website Open!

After a lot of work, my website is finally up and running!

Welcome to Developizer, where all of my works come together in one place! This website will showcase all of my work, whether it is a short film, a vlog, a game I’m developing, a 3D animation project and pretty much anything else I do! Currently the main focus is video production but anything else I do will pop up on this website.

Current content to come:

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  • YouTube channel “Developizer”: This channel will showcase all of my short films, parodies, music videos and some videos where I will talk about issues or just random stuff. This will be the main place to see my videos.
  • YouTube channel “vidselfies”: This channel is my vlogging channel which should start very soon. Every second day I will post a vlog under 2 minutes to this channel, and my friend Josh will post a vlog in the days between mine in a similar format. It is called ‘vidselfies’ to reference people taking ‘selfies’ (taking photos of themselves without anyone’s help) which vlogs are¬†essentially¬†selfies but on video.
  • Gaming YouTube channel (TBA): This will be a gaming channel much like the style of many popular YouTubers. The details are TBA.
  • Game development: Along with playing games, I also hope to make games. In the past, I have made many small games to experiment with game development. More recently I participated in Ludum Dare, a game development competition to make a complete game in 48 hours. I have a few ideas for games that I would love to make, I just have to learn the tools I intend to use and develop the games!


All of my previous content that I want on this site has been imported, including Ludum Dare entries and YouTube videos.

Open the dropdown to see screenshots of upcoming videos!

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This was filmed shortly after the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA thing wore off. The video has guns in it.

We filmed a video for our school and got enough footage to make a parody kind of thing.

We played this in front of a small crowd. Luke was there, but he didn’t go to the microphone I told him to and was out of frame.[/toggle]

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